Put Styrofoam (thermocole) in acetone (nail polish remover).  What happens? Do you think we can get back the Styrofoam from this gloop? 

This is a example of an irreversible reaction. 

The styrofoam disappears! Only a white gloop remains.  The gloop that you end up with is a polymer.  Remember the slime that we made? That was also a polymer.  What happened? Styrofoam is  made from a polymer called Polystyrene that has been fluffed up. That means that is  made from lots of styrene molecules stuck together.  When we put it in acetone the Styrofoam dissolves.  The gases in the Styrofoam are released and what remains is crosslinked polystyrene. 
What is the solvent in above reaction?
What is the solute  in the above reaction?

WARNING: Acetone is a solvent and should be handled by adults.  It is highly flammable.
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