Newspaper building

What's the tallest building you can make using two sheets of newspaper?
The newspaper has to stand up. No tape, staples, glue, or other materials are allowed. You can bend, fold, or tear the paper itself.

• 2 sheets of newspaper
• ruler

How tall do you think your building will be? 

Our prediction is that we can make a building that is __________ high.

Try It Out
1. Construct your building. If you think you can make it taller, keep redesigning it until you can't go any higher. 
2. When you are finished, measure the height of your building.

The height of our building was _____

Explain It
• How did your result compare to your prediction

Give possible reasons for any difference. What limited the height of your building?

• If you could use one other material to make your building taller, what would it be? Why?

• How well does your building withstand environmental forces? Use a fan to imitate wind gusts or shake the table gently to imitate an earthquake. How can you change your design, using 2 sheets of newspaper and 20 cm of tape, to better withstand these forces? 

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