Story by Aarav Sane

Finally, [SnSn]__________ got some rest. [Helium]_______ turned [OxygenNitrogen]________ the fan. But suddenly someone called him. It was [TantalumSodiumYitrium]_____________. [Helium]______ told [SnSn] __________ that he should act fast. There is a mystery going [OxygenNitrogen]_________ about some hidden treasure which contains [Au]___________, [Ag]___________ [Cu]_________ and [Pt]________.  Some thieves were trying to steal it.

[SnSn]_________ said he would take care of it.


[Helium]______went to the factory, jumped over the [Fe]________________ fence and made his way to the [Ne]_____________ signboard.  But [Helium]______ already had got wounded. He will put [I]____________ solution over the wound, once he gets home, he thought.  He fought with the hypnotized men over there and was done.

[TantalumSodiumYitrium]_____________ congratulated [SnSn]__________ [OxygenNitrogen]______ his successful work.


Story by Malavika M. Nair

[SnSn]___________ was devastated. [Sn]_____ soldiers were firing [H]_____ bombs from the [He]________ filled hot air balloons for [Au]_______. 

Then suddenly the King Henry Tudor and Queen Catherine of [Ar]_________ arrived in the garden. In the garden he found the princess giving [K]_______ fertilizer to the plants.  He was amazed by her [Au]_______ and [Ag]____________ dress covered with diamonds.  He took out his [Re]__________ flashlight to impress the young girl.  Suddenly the girl fell down and [SnSn] ________ took out his [Hg]______ thermometer. Her temperature was normal but she seemed to lose her energy. He gave her some [Ca]________ tablets.  She got back her energy and took him to the king.

The king awarded him with a chest full of  [Au]_____, [Ag]________, and [Pt]________.

 [SnSn]________ felt that he was falling down.  And lo! The dream broke.  He saw [SulphurNitrogenOxygenTungstenYitrium] ________ staring at him. He rushed to the phone and called [TantalunSodiumYitrium]____________ to tell him about his wonderful dream.


Story by Mitihil Kashid

The thief shot [SnSn]___________ with [Pb]________ bullets. He fell on a [Cr]____________ car, but managed to get home.  At home he put I_______ on his wounds.  The thief threw a N_______ bomb on his house. The HydrogenOxygenUraniumSelenium___________ blast and SnSn________ died. The police caught the thief by shooting him with Pb______ bullets.


Story by Varun Vaidya

[VanadiumArgonUraniumNitrogen]___________ drank soda from an [Al]__________ can.  [Helium]_______________ took a deep breath of [O]__________. He felt dirty. [Helium]__________ took a [BoronAstantineHydrogen]_________ [Indium]__________ [Hg]_______.


Story by Harshal N.

[HydrogenArgonSulphurHydrogenAluminium]_________ is a [BoronOxygenYitrium]________ who studies in class 10, [Co]________ section of the Orchid school. He is a very [IndiumTellurium]_____lligent boy. He loves [ScandiumIodine]____ence.


Story by Mohit, Galav Sharma, Aditya Kodyire,

[TantalumSodiumYitrium]_____________  wanted to be a singer. [Helium]______ also wanted to listen to songs on his phone with the [Al]______  cover.  His idol was [YitriumOxygen]______ [YitriumOxygen]_______ Honey Singh.  He wanted [Ne]_________  things as his favourite colour was [Ne]_________. His grandfather was ill and need to use an [O]_______ tank. He wanted to be rich and have a lot of[ Au]_________, [Ag]________, and [Pt]___________.

He thought he could find the metals using a [Co]________ magnet. But every time he tried to find [Co]_______ magnets to find [Pt]_______, [Au]_______ or [Ag]________, he always found [Ni]______ things.

Code words





Code words by Arya Pande

SiliconPhosphorus                           __________

RutheniumIndium                           __________


LithiumIron                                         __________

Astantine                                            _______

BerylliumNitrogen                           _________

TinOxygenTungsten                       ___________

 Story by Rayaansh Kumar

[Fe]______ Man [TunstenArsenic]_________ [OxygenNitrogen]_________ a mission to protect [Kr]__________ city from [H]________ bombs. [Helium]_________ used his [He]_________ powered jetpacks to throw them in the sea.


Story by Saket Sonar

One day a [Cr]______ car was coming from a town.  Inside it was [Au]______. The car stopped in front of a[ Sn]_____ factory. A man came out of the car.  He was a robot made of [Fe]_________, [Cu]______, [Au]______, [C]_______ diamonds and [Ti]_________.

He stole 3000 cans of [Sn]_________ and then went to his secret [BariumSelenium]__________.  There were many robots here.

The robots were making a plan to make a [H]_______ bomb to destroy Earth.

To stop the robots came [Ra]_________ man.  He had the power to use atomic power to destroy his opponents. [Ra]______ man used his [Au]________ sword to fight. The robots sent him back in time with the [Cs]________ time machine.  [Helium]_______  had gone back to the time in 2000 AD  when the robots were made.  He went to Australia, where [Rf]___________ man was making the robots.  [Ra]_______ man destroyed [Rf]_________ man and the Earth was saved.

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