What happens when we mix 2 liquids?  Do we get a gas, liquid or solid?

List 3 properties of :Solids, Liquids and Gases

    Fevicol is liquid gas or solid?

  Water is liquid gas or solid?

   Boric acid solution is liquid gas or solid?

Mix 1 teaspoon Fevicol, and 1 teaspoon water.  Is is anything unusual happening to the solution?

Add ½ teaspoon boric acid to the glue solution. Mix with the stirrer for 10 minutes. Is anything unusual happening as you are mixing?

What are the properties of the stuff you have made? Does it stretch or bounce?  What is the colour? How does it feel?

Element: Can not be broken into smaller substances by chemical means

Compound: Atoms of 2 or more elments join

Mixture: 2 or more substances not chemically bound to each other

Do you think slime is an element, compound or mixture?

You have just made a polymer.  Plastics, rubber, nylon are all examples of polymers.  Polymers are large molecules that form when smaller molecules  link together.

What's going on?

When you mix Fevicol with a bit of water, you make a substance that is known as a polymer (polyvinyl acetate) and that the boric acid solution is a 'cross-linking' substance that binds the polymer chains together to make the glue solution thicker. So, as the polymer chains get more 'bound-together', it gets harder for them to move around, and you get “slime”.

Do you think this was a physical change or a chemical change?  Give 2 examples of a: Chemical change and a Physical Change

Note: Knowing just how much Boric acid solution to add is the trick to this experiment. If you add too little, your slime will contain excess glue (the polymer part) and it will be sticky. If you add too much, your slime will be very wet (too much 'cross-linking'). Touch your slime with your hands when it doesn't look like a liquid anymore. If your slime feels sticky, try adding a little Boric acid solution. If your slime feels very wet and slippery (but is not still runny), remove it from the container and kneed it in your hands. In a few minutes, any extra Borax solution will evaporate or be absorbed.

Careful:Slime may get stuck in hair or any fabric it touches. Slime is NOT edible. 

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